How Do I Start Entering Competitions?

So glad you asked!

There are a few things you’ll definitely need to get started…




Derp! I mean, I guess you could be reading this on a phone or a tablet. But to seriously enter, you really need a computer (I prefer a laptop, I love chilling out in front of the TV with a cup of tea and entering until my heart’s content).



The thing about entering loads and loads of competitions is, you’ll be getting an awful lot of spam. Spam, spam, spammity spam! Get yourself an email address that you solely use for competitions and ONLY competitions. Trust me, I probably end up with about 100 or so spam emails a day in my inbox – having that mixed through my other personal email would be the WORST!

PRO TIP: Whatever you do, DO NOT make your address along the lines of ‘janescompetitions’ or ‘mycontests’, promoters are going to take one look at that and think you’re some sort of scam artist (though we’re certainly not, we’re just misunderstood!).

So before anything else, get that email signed up!



You’re going to need this in bucket loads!

You’re not going to just enter a few competitions, sit back and watch the prizes roll on in through the door. Ooohh no. I’d say for every 1000 competitions I enter, I probably win 2-3 prizes. Yep, you read that right. If you give up after you’ve entered 10 giveaways, you’ve already lost the battle.

I’d say successful entering is about 5% skill and 95% PERSEVERANCE!!



Where do I find all of these competitions you ask?

The majority are online, so you’re going to want to start by finding a website that lists competitions for your own country. For example,

In Australia, a couple of great sites are Lottos (paid subscription) and The Australian Competitions Club (free to join with an ISP email address).

In the UK, there’s Loquax

For the USA, a popular one is Sweepstakes Advantage

And Canada? You’ve got Contests Canada

FACEBOOK – Let’s not forget that there are thousands upon thousands of competitions on Facebook at any one time. It has become a popular option for promoters. There are also competitions groups that you can join, they’re great, helpful little communities!

If you’d like help finding a good competitions website for YOU to start out with, feel free to contact me!

Of course, you should also keep an eye open for competitions and giveaways in your locals stores and supermarkets, on TV, at schools and other local businesses.

SO! Now you can start and get WINNING!

Hopefully this will get you going, but please also sign up to follow this blog as I’ll be posting many more tips and tricks to help you flex your comping muscles!


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