Skill Based vs Random Draw Competitions

Want to dramatically increase your chances of winning prizes?

Put your creative hats on, guys. You’re going to need to put in a little more effort!

Two major types of promotional competitions on offer are random draw and skill based.

Random draw usually means that you enter a few details like your name and email address, then an electronic (or out-of-a-hat, if you’re really old-school) draw takes place that picks the winner completely at random. Everyone has an equal chance (unless multiple or unlimited entries are allowed), but entry numbers are MUCH higher because the competitions require next to no effort.

Skill based competitions require the entrant to create something or answer a question in a creative or sometimes funny way. The entries are judged based on this, so the better you are at creative writing or crafting (and knowing what the judges want to read/see), the more likely you are to win. Common sub-types include 25 word-or-less and 50 word-or-less competitions. Entry numbers are also A LOT less because many people can’t be bothered putting in the extra effort required and skip them.

SO! It’s pretty obvious, if you want to win more prizes more often…


“Yeeehh, but I’m not a very creative person…” NOPE! STILL ENTER! Even if you’re having an off day, still put through an entry (no matter how lame you think it is) instead of skipping it. Your odds of winning are still so much better than random draws!

But it’s also definitely worth practising your creative writing and sharpening up your skills. I’ll be going into great depth in future posts about how you can do this!

For now, remember the golden rule –


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