How Much Time do You Need to Dedicate to Entering Competitions to See Results?

I’ve had quite a few people in the past tell me the same thing – “Oh, you’re SO lucky! I NEVER win anything!” to which my reply is always “Well, do you actually ENTER anything?”

Most friends will tell me that they’ve entered the occasional competition or barrel draw at local stores over the course of their life, without much success.

I’m afraid if you want to win prizes more consistently, that just won’t cut the mustard!

You need to be entering competitions every week, MOST days of the week. To be honest, there’s such a large volume of online competitions these days you could probably enter them like a full time job and never get through them all. But let’s not go too crazy… we have lives (most of us 😉 ).


I probably spend on average 2 hours a day entering, MOST days of the week. The majority of this occurs at night as I have a full time job. On the weekends I can certainly fit in even more hours.

In saying that, I have days where I just can’t fit in my comping. Or if I go on a holiday, I  might not enter anything for a week or two. If I know I’m going away, I do try to enter a few extra beforehand to try and fill the gap.

I know some competition addicts that only have time for 15 minutes here and there during the week. I’ve also heard of really hardcore people entering nearly all-day every-day – phew! So really, anywhere between these two extremes is good – whatever you can manage.

Remember, it shouldn’t seem like a chore – it should be a fun hobby. If you overdo it you may burn yourself out – you won’t win anything that way! It’s all about finding a good balance for your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, it’s mostly true that the more you enter, the more you win (though this also depends on your QUALITY of entries when we’re talking about creative competitions).

Get stuck into it!


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