Real Winning Entries: Trip to Tahiti Competition


I’d like to start a series of posts called ‘Real Winning Entries’ as I think showcasing winning creative entries from promotions can be VERY beneficial for those looking to improve their word-or-less, slogan or other written attempts! recently held a competition to win a trip to Tahiti and were good enough to post the winning answer on their website (I wish more promoters would do this!).


MAN that’s some small text though, for those that can’t read ant-writing, it says:

“Down from work’s monotonous daily grind,
Desperately need sunshine to unwind,
Holiday dreams of Tahitian blue skies,
Sadly the only baggage I have now is under-eyes”

Nice answer! As we can see, promoters in fact still ARE picking rhymes, so if you’re a rhymer – don’t give up on those! If you can fit in a good punch-line, that really helps too. Ending with a humorous statement will really help the entry stick in the mind of the promoter.

I won’t lie, I’ve seen a LOT of holiday competition entries with very similar lines to the first 2 or 3 there, but hey! It worked well for them. Overall it’s a very clever and funny entry.

I hope it inspires you to keep up your creative competition writing!


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