Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Hello competition addicts!

I’d like to start posting my recent wins as a sort of record and way of showing people that this whole prize winning thing IS real (and is a lot of fun!). Whether it’s a big or a small prize, it’s always a thrill to win – I’ll post it all here!

This week I received two prizes that I won through a competition with a pharmacy (some natural remedy products) and a Facebook competition (a really cool picnic basket).

I don’t really have much trouble getting to sleep these days so I may gift the natural remedy stuff to someone that does. Still, I’ve read these Bach products are quite effective!




This picnic basket is pretty damn awesome, it comes with a set of plates, glasses and cutlery, all stored in a little zip-up compartment on the top. It even has a little chopping/serving board and table cloth! I can’t wait to go and chill out at the beach with it!


I hope you’ve all had some nice little wins lately!


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