Entering Competitions: What Sorts of Prizes Can You Actually Win?

For those comping and sweeping newbies out there, you might be wondering just what you CAN win these days in promotional competitions. I can tell you, pretty much anything! Below I have listed the more popular prizes that promoters choose to give away.

Holidays, Accommodation and Travel

Ranging from full holiday packages to flights or local and international accommodation. One of the most popular prize types and for good reason! I’ve won several holiday prizes before and they’re so much fun!

Accommodation-only prizes can be a bit tricky if you have to pay for transport/flights to get there (or in the reverse, if you win flights but have to find your own accommodation) but most of the time it’s totally worth it. Who doesn’t love a weekend away or a luxury trip overseas!

Cash and Vouchers

Decent cash prizes are becoming harder to find these days (excluding the lottery) but they do exist. These days the most common I see are prizes of $1000, $5000 or $10,000 which would be pretty handy to win!

Vouchers are a great prize to win and are very common! Businesses large and small love giving away vouchers to encourage customers to spend in their store or on their website. It’s a win/win for companies and customers!


Not an easy one to crack! I’ll say it’s one of the only major-type of prizes that I’m yet to win. I’m certainly trying! I’ve seen cars ranging from around $15,000 all the way up to $200,000+ (though these are RARE). Other automotive related prizes involve caravans, trailers, scooters, motorbikes and even quad bikes.


Clothes, Footwear and Jewellery

Clothing and footwear prizes often come in the form of a voucher (so the winner can choose their own pieces and correct sizes). Sometimes a clothes store will give away an individual item as well (watch the sizing!).

Jewellery can range from homemade craft pieces to $10,000+ diamond rings and the like. Always fun to win!


TV’s, computers, computer accessories, tablets, iPods, iPhones, smartphones, cameras, Fitbits, speakers, headphones, gaming consoles, drones… the list goes on forever! Electronics are hot-ticket items at the moment in promotions.


Home Appliances

Time to upgrade that old washing machine sitting in your laundry? Well, you could be in luck! There are plenty of competitions out there offering home appliances. Washers, dryers, toasters, microwaves, dishwashers and much more.


I love winning things for the home, it saves a lot of money in the long run. Whether that’s a new bed set, some furniture, bathroom products or even artwork… I love it all!

Health and Beauty Products

Another great one for saving money is WINNING makeup. There are a tonne of competitions for makeup at the moment, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Other health and beauty products that are common prizes include skincare packs, protein supplements, bath bombs and soaps.


Food and Beverage

Who doesn’t love free food! (Or a free bar tab for that matter). Restaurants, hotels and bars are often giving away free meals to help promote their business.

Experiences and Entertainment (tours, concerts, movie tickets etc)

One of the most common prizes ever (and it seems, easiest to win) are movie tickets! I’m a bit of a movie buff myself so any free tickets that come my way are always appreciated. Also keep a lookout for ticket giveaways to concerts (there’s always a lot on the radio), sporting events and musicals.

Kids Toys and Baby Products

For those with children, getting the occasional freebie to give to them will be MUCH appreciated! They’ll be asking you to enter even MORE competitions. For those expecting, there are a multitude of baby blogs out there that regularly give away prams and other items that would save a lot of money when you’re setting up for the new arrival.


Outside House and Garden Products

How about a new ride-on mower? Or perhaps a new set of gardening tools? They’re up for grabs. I find a lot of garden related competitions on Facebook these days. I saw one the other day for a bag of manure. Winning a bag of crap wouldn’t exactly be a comping highlight I guess, but hey, great for the garden!!

Office Products/Stationery

Always handy to win! Pens, paper, writing sets, stationery shop gift vouchers etc!

Pet Products

I’ve seen an increase in popularity with pet competitions lately. Quite often these competitions will be photo related (best photo wins etc). Who doesn’t like looking at pet photos anyway! Primarily the prizes are for cats and dogs (I’ve seen a few for horses too). Have a go at winning your furry friend a bed, basket, bowls, harness, food or even worming tablets!


So as you can see, if you can think of it… you can probably win it! The possibilities are endless. They’re all out there waiting for someone to win them, why not you?!


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  • Wow if I win I will thank god an the people who made me. Win bles them an thanks them for making it possible for me to win thanks


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