Real Winning Entries: Win a Micro Scooter


Today’s real winning entry comes from a competition hosted by a scooter company that sells kids’ AND adults’ scooters. The prize was a full size adult scooter (looks pretty fun!). In this competition, entrants were ask to like either Micro Scooter’s Facebook or Instagram page and to comment as to why they want a scooter.

Micro Scooters were good enough to publish the winning answer, which was a decent-length rhyme (again guys, if you think rhyming competition answers are going out of fashion, you’d be wrong! It really depends on the type of promoter).

To win a Micro Scooter would be amazing
I’ve always needed one
Being a mum of 2 kids
Is hard but still lots of fun

My eldest has a scooter
And he zooms around the place
But my daughter she doesn’t have one yet
You should see her sad face…

We have a dam down the road
Where the kids can feed a duck or two
And how much fun to have the kids ride there
With Mum not far behind too!

For me to still be active
Is great for the kids to see
And spending more fun moments with them
Is all that matters to me 

What stands out to me here is that it’s fairly basic rhyming… no puns, play on words etc. But what the entrant DOES do is really create a NEED for the prize in her answer. Often promoters really want to pick someone that is going to get a lot of use out of the prize, or particularly appreciate it in some way. So really nail home your REASON for wanting it!


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