The Bane of my Existence: Competition Sob Stories

Can we take a moment here to talk about one of the most ANNOYING types of competition entries? And I know I’m not alone here. Competition addicts the world over are sick of reading creative entry sob stories!

And don’t get me wrong, most people go through some pretty bad times in their life, whether it’s illness, injury, a death in the family or similar. It’s not nice for anyone. But to EXPLOIT your bad luck to try and win a competition? That’s doesn’t sit well with me.

If a competition specifically states that they want to hear from someone that’s had a hard time and deserves the prize, then maybe…MAYBE you can bust out the ol’ ‘sob story.’ Even then I would be very careful with how I worded it. These competitions are as rare as hen’s teeth though (which is probably for the best).


Promoters be like… noooooo…

It can look terribly desperate when someone writes out a 200 word answer explaining how their entire family has cancer, their dog just died and their house burnt down… all for a pack of jelly beans.

Thankfully, MOST promoters these days don’t pick sob stories as winners (though I have seen the occasional one sneak through for a win).

So guys… please, PLEASE refrain from using sob stories to sway the judges. It’ll only make you look bad and much LESS likely to win!


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